The key to great design:

  • The room should have a mood to set you either for sleep or work. Neutral tones create a calm mood while bright colours bring in energy to a room. The interior design should also be harmonious. The furniture should be organized to set the atmosphere and match the colour scheme of the room.
  • There are other elements that are no less important if you want to create a truly unique interior design that expresses your mood and style best. Balance is one of them. Balance can be symmetrical or radial. You can choose either, depending on what atmosphere you want to create in each room. Symmetrical is usually used in bedrooms when the two night tables stand by the sides of the bed. Radial is more suitable for a dining or living room when the chairs surround the table.
  • Rhythm can be created in the room by changing or repeating the shapes, colors and prints in various interior accessories, from rugs to furniture. Do not get carried away though; don’t overload your room decor with unnecessary things.
  • Also don’t forget about the focal point or emphasis in your room. It not only helps draw attention away from less desirable things in your room but also helps arrange furniture around it. Here comes the scale. Choose your furniture and objects for decorating very carefully. The more little objects you have, the more cluttered the room will look. The more big objects, the less space there will be.


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